FRANK Passive Climate Control

Passive Climate Control: FRANK has developed a base frame with a drawer to allow humidity control in the case. ProSorb can be included according to the volume of the inside space. All materials used by FRANK Europe are completely emission-free.

Frank invented the first (really) demountable showcase in 2001. It all started with the acrylic version. The FRANK Showcase System consists of a unique plug-in technology that makes screws and seals obsolete.
The principle – the focus is on the object and not the display – is our claim and characterizes the puristic, in this way unique design of the FRANK showcase. Within a short time, Frank Europe has made a name for itself in the museum world. It stands for innovation, high quality, and balanced cost-benefit effects. More than 500 projects have been successfully completed in Europe and overseas. The professional protection and presentation of artefacts is the high goal.